First Appeared in: #20
Mr. Blackmore is the founder and leader of the DOOM Army.

First Appeared in: #23
Dr. Nimbus is the head DOOM Army science guy. He always stays calm in any situation.

First Appeared in: #23
Tina is the main desk clerk/secretary for the DOOM Army. She likes to joke around and play pranks.

First Appeared in: #31
Tim is a member of TRIANGLE, an elite special forces group within the DOOM Army. His specialty is defeating heroes.

First Appeared in: #44
Max is also a member of TRIANGLE. He is an expert at using machine guns.

First Appeared in: #74
Violet is the third member of TRIANGLE. She's occasionally in charge of naming things. She's also a sniper.

First Appeared in: #111
Bricks leads the DOOM Army sword division. He always uses a giant sword and is confident in his skill.

First Appeared in: #61
Delrim is the leader of the DOOM Army bard divison. He may be weak, but he'll never admit it.

First Appeared in: #102
Xor is the leader of the DOOM Army magic division. He is an extremely powerful black mage that can use magic without the aid of magicrystals. He has a short temper.

First Appeared in: #73
Sid is an evil engineer. He builds a lot of the DOOM Army machines and stuff.

First Appeared in: #81
All-purpose DOOM Army robots. There are also some variants made for specific uses.

First Appeared in: #01
The DOOM Army has a lot of these generic soldiers.


First Appeared in: #05
The leader of the Heroes. Very treasure-hungry. Would rather waste 2 hours searching a maze dungeon than miss one treasure box.

First Appeared in: #05
Another hero. Does most of the thinking. Has a mechanical right arm.

First Appeared in: #17
Sky joined the heroes after the incident in Tarnel. She's optimistic, and keeps the party's sprits high.


First Appeared in: #161
Leader of the Red Wind, an anti-DOOM Army resistance group. Tends to make over-complicated plans. Fights with a gunblade.

First Appeared in: #161
Jean is an explosives expert. She can be a pain sometimes.

First Appeared in: #165
Rask is a long-time veteran of the Red Wind that was with the group when it began. He has had a lot of battle experience and can use two swords at once.

First Appeared in: #165
Smith loves to fight and swings a mean bat.

First Appeared in: #167
Trace is a skilled and reliable member of the Red Wind...usually. She owns "The Six Shooter", a bar that the Red Wind uses as a front for their secret hideout.

The Legendary Hero's Party

Finally revealed in: #200 , although he first appeared in #135
The true Legendary Hero and the only person that can wield the Legendary Holy Sword of Light, Helleklinge. It is his destiny to save the Planet.

First Appeared in: #208
Zomb is a zombie that joined Lanz's party. And uhh... that's about it.

First Appeared in: #226
Princess Karina til Alintondros XVIII is a princess that left her kingdom of Alintondria to go on an adventure with the Legendary Hero. She has a good heart, but most of the time she's just spoiled and annoying.

First Appeared in: #246
Fari is Lanz's fairy partner that is supposed to aid and guide him on his journey. Her usefulness is somewhat questionable.

First Appeared in: #301
Sir Bloodwrath the Fearsome is an evil knight that kidnapped Karina and later joined Lanz's party after his plan to obtain an ancient evil power failed. He may have joined Lanz's party, but he is by no means reformed.


First Appeared in: #52
Super-powerful evil clone of Gear. Created by the DOOM Army but loyal to no one.


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